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Long before there were factories, assembly lines, computer aided designs, and vast machinery, things were done much differently. Every single item we used, wore, lived in, slept in, or sat upon was made, one at a time, from raw materials using a few simple tools, often by skilled craftsmen. These talented individuals…blacksmiths, carpenters, tanners, cobblers, tailors and seamstresses, to name a few, were the backbone of any community.

Though these days have passed, there are still places where one can find skilled people possessing that same pride and dedication to their craft…companies that hold fast to those high standards of quality and workmanship. One such place is Shoe Repair and Beyond, with two locations in Boc...

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Nowadays it seems we live in a world of throw away products. High quality clothes, shoes, and other similar items can of course still be found, but when they are damaged it can be extremely difficult to find competent people to repair them. It’s a hard pill to swallow to replace an expensive suit, pair of shoes, purse or handbag. If you could only find a company with the skill and talent to not only make the repairs but actually return the damaged items to perfect condition, potentially saving their customers hundreds of dollars, that would be worth telling people about.

This is precisely the reason I want to talk about Shoe Repair and Beyond. I give you the following story, which is demonstrative of their commitment to a job wel...

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