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Long before there were factories, assembly lines, computer aided designs, and vast machinery, things were done much differently. Every single item we used, wore, lived in, slept in, or sat upon was made, one at a time, from raw materials using a few simple tools, often by skilled craftsmen. These talented individuals…blacksmiths, carpenters, tanners, cobblers, tailors and seamstresses, to name a few, were the backbone of any community.

Though these days have passed, there are still places where one can find skilled people possessing that same pride and dedication to their craft…companies that hold fast to those high standards of quality and workmanship. One such place is Shoe Repair and Beyond, with two locations in Boca Raton, Florida. They specialize in the repair and restoration of leather goods, such as shoes, luggage, bags and purses…even leather furniture. These people regularly perform seemingly impossible repairs, literally bring cherished items “back from the dead”. In fact, their many satisfied customers have been one their best sources of advertising.

One such customer, Brad, a local businessman, owned a large 1980’s era leather sectional sofa he’d had since he got his first apartment in his 20’s. It had survived countless pizza parties, football game get-togethers, sleep over guests, and one very memorable bachelor party. Because it was divinely comfortable, Brad had kept it through 4 separate changes of residences, finally giving it a permanent spot in his “man cave” in the home he shares with his wife and 2 children. Through it all, according to Brad, it was still as comfortable as ever. Both children (and the family cat) loved sleeping on it Trouble was, it’s many years of grand adventures had taken their toll. The leather was discolored, creased, wrinkled, stained, and even had a few holes. There were spots where dirt had become ingrained that just could not be cleaned. Brad’s wife, though she loved it also, claimed that she could tell what kinds of pizza Brad ate in his twenties just by staring at it.

It was then that Brad and his wife, loathe to part with their beloved sofa, hit upon the idea of getting it restored. Brad’s wife had heard of Shoe Repair and Beyond through a friend who’d had an expensive purse repaired there, and decided to take it in. Though they expected the worst, the end result surpassed all logic and reason! It was absolutely beautiful and looked totally new, as if it had just come from the showroom floor of an exclusive furniture store! The leather was completely flawless…so much so that Brad’s wife suggested it was much too nice to go back into “that man cave of yours”. Though we don’t know how that turned out, we do know they were happy customers, as are countless others after having taken their damaged items to Shoe Repair and Beyond!

This story isn’t the exception at Shoe Repair and Beyond. Here you’ll find gifted people committed to providing the highest quality craftsmanship and materials, the very best customer service, all at prices far less than replacing your damaged items. To put it simply, they do things the right way!

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Sofa after restoration


Arm rest after


Arm rest before


Sofa before restoration


Edge of sofa after


Edge of sofa before

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