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The shoes we wear are often dictated by things as diverse as what we do for a living, our budgets, and our personal preferences. The majority of shoes sold today fall into a category I like to call “Kick Arounds”. You buy them and wear them until they wear out or just aren’t comfortable anymore, at which time you either discard them or they live forever in a back corner of your closet. Yet for those whose jobs or lifestyles require purchasing more expensive shoes, care and upkeep becomes vastly more important. Yet, accidents do happen. Things like weather and a world covered in concrete can take their toll. Even the occasional playful pet, as we will soon see, can create major shoe disharmony!

Now we come to the reason for my discussion of footwear, which is to extol the virtues of the people at Shoe Repair and Beyond. When disaster strikes a high end or even a moderately expensive pair of shoes, locating a highly skilled shoe repair shop can mean the difference between spending hundreds of dollars replacing them or having them expertly repaired for far less money. Shoe Repair and Beyond is and has been the proverbial “Knights in Shining Armor” for many people in such a situation.

Let’s look at one such instance in which Shoe Repair and Beyond saved the day. A certain young lady we’ll call Joan recently received a beautiful pair of Gucci shoes from her Aunt as a gift in anticipation of an upcoming business social event. This event, organized by the insurance company where she worked was to be her first, and she wanted to make a good impression. These beautiful shoes provided her with just a little added confidence.

A couple of months before the event, disaster struck! Joan’s only roommate, a cute but boisterous little schnauzer puppy named Weezer, discovered the prized Gucci’s on the floor of Joan’s closet. Apparently believing them to be the perfect toy for the afternoon’s play, Weezer chewed them quite thoroughly, making them completely unsuitable to wear. Joan, not wanting to tell her Aunt she’d been so careless with this expensive gift, was completely heart broken.

Believing the shoes to be beyond repair, Joan nevertheless searched the web and discovered Through their mail-in service, Joan was able to send them the shoes, have them perfectly restored to new condition, and returned in time for her event, all for an affordable price! After this, she made sure that Weezer never found them again!

Shoe Repair and Beyond also does garment alterations and repairs, as well as repairs of many other items such as bags, purses, belts, and even baseball gloves! They’re also experts at color dying. Currently they have 2 locations in Boca Raton, Florida, but anyone can use their mail-in service.

These folks are the most professional and highly skilled at their craft you’ll find anywhere! Again, the website is They’ll be there when you need them!Start your post here...


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