They Saved My Coach Bag

Nowadays it seems we live in a world of throw away products. High quality clothes, shoes, and other similar items can of course still be found, but when they are damaged it can be extremely difficult to find competent people to repair them. It’s a hard pill to swallow to replace an expensive suit, pair of shoes, purse or handbag. If you could only find a company with the skill and talent to not only make the repairs but actually return the damaged items to perfect condition, potentially saving their customers hundreds of dollars, that would be worth telling people about.

This is precisely the reason I want to talk about Shoe Repair and Beyond. I give you the following story, which is demonstrative of their commitment to a job well done. Shoe repair and beyond definitely has the type of skill, competency, and expertise reminiscent of the craftsmen of old.

Helen wanted almost nothing so bad as a Coach bag. Specifically, the Swagger Frame Satchel in Calf Leather. According to the story, she could have simply put it on a credit card, but didn’t do so until she had the requisite funds. When she got one, it was all she wanted to talk about for several days! She really loved that bag. She still does, thanks to Shoe Repair and beyond!

During a trip to the mall, she and a friend decided to grab some coffee at the food court, which was quite crowded that day. While they were sitting there, they spotted another friend they’d not seen recently, and stood up to talk to her, with their backs to their table. When the conversation ended and they turned around to sit down, Helen’s bag had vanished. Needless to say, Helen was devastated. They immediately reported the theft to Mall Security and the police. As Helen put it, though her “entire life” was in the bag, including her wallet containing her license and credit cards, all she really wanted back was her Coach Satchel.

Two days later, Helen received a call from Mall Security. They’d actually found her bag in a trash can in a bathroom in the mall. It was virtually empty of all her belongings, which was expected, but it was there. She was also informed the bag looked to be extensively damaged. Upon arriving to pick it up, she found that to be all too true. The strap was ripped off on one end, pockets were torn, and a couple of small cuts had been made to the outer leather. The joy which she’d felt at hearing it had been found gave way once again to hopelessness. This was not an inexpensive item, and replacing it would be problematic at best.

As it happened, during an internet search for someone…anyone to attempt a repair to her beloved Coach Swagger, Helen discovered She sent them her bag, never really expecting a successful repair.

I’m sure you’ve guessed the rest by now! Helen got her Coach Swagger back, in mint condition, with no trace of the damage to be found, for far less cost than purchasing another. Now, all she talks about these days are the wonderful people at Shoe Repair and Beyond!

Check out their website at www, or visit either of their two locations in Boca Raton, Florida.


Check out their website at www, or visit either of their two locations in Boca Raton, Florida.

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