We can lower your stiletto heels by a small amount to tremendously increase the comfort without taking anything away from the appeal. We can also dye to match your shoes to a gown or any color of your choice! Call us for more info.


  • Full Leather Soles/Rubber Heels

  • Half Soles & Heels

  • Protective Rubber Soles

  • Rubber Heels

  • Other types of heels- various materials

  • Shine shoes & boots

  • Condition and clean

  • Waterproof


  • Half Soles & Heels

  • Thin, Protective Rubber Soles – various colors

  • Heel Lifts

  • Shine shoes & boots

  • Condition and clean

  • Waterproof

            We specialize in the care and repair of all your shoes

From your basic shoe to designers like Jimmy Choo, Kate Spade and Coach, we can help to repair and maintain the beauty of your investment. Whether you bring us sandals or high heels, we can fix damage caused by dogs, worn heels, scuffs, holes and more!

If your shoes need a size adjustment, we can make them larger with our specialized stretching treatment or smaller with the use of comfort pads. Your shoes will look and feel new once again. We are always happy to serve you, stop by or make an appointment today. Dont forget to download our App at the Apple store or Google Play today for additional discounts.

Enjoy traveling once again

If you are a pilot or a frequent traveler, you understand how bothersome it can be to have a
metal detector go off because of a metal piece in your shoe. Allow us to remove the metal and
make traveling enjoyable once again.

We specialize in

• Kate Spade

• Ferragamo

• Bruno Magli

• Jimmy Choo

• Coach

• And other high-end brands

Brand names we carry in store
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